Daniel’s Tweets for 2011-08-06

  • is still accepting donations. #everylittlebitcounts #
  • Is it sad I'm enjoying the overcast day? #
  • Boys and girls, be sure to secure your WiFi. Do you want to be taken to court for thousands of dollars because of laziness? #wifi #
  • Is your ISP spying on you? Go have a read here: http://bit.ly/o2Wn92 @Charter is not currently, so I breathe a *little* easier. #
  • There are people who say I have too much RAM. Those people have not loaded their entire OS into RAM. #
  • Tuesday's Gone – Lynyrd Skynyrd #
  • You Shook Me – AC/DC #
  • So, I'm curious about your opinion – Should we buy Erich another cheap backpack, or pony up and get him a Swiss Gear that will last? #
  • Woah! Free boat ride for 3. Now who should I take? #