Daniel’s Tweets for 2012-02-25

  • Then it's probably annoying. Could make Red House popular again though. | Chill: It's Like Pinterest For Video http://t.co/REBlb4WQ #
  • Because tech aids a crime, that does not mean it's a new crime. Sensationalism. | Opening for student in cyber-bullying http://t.co/jA7WFVjU #
  • If you're an educator, use the free technology and services to help! | 10 Tips for Teachers Using Evernote http://t.co/kxhftns0 #
  • I am so leaving early today. #
  • Get money, transfer to China, stay there. Nope, too stupid. | Runaway Millionaire http://t.co/EKP7teRu #
  • Beating, maybe, but stabbing? | Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster by your side, kid. http://t.co/jZj6F0Hk #