Daniel’s Tweets for 2012-03-09

  • Cold Stone BOGO. | http://t.co/SzHuWK8O #
  • Amazing how much attention dumb shit gets today. | Sluts vote. GOP just now realizing this… | http://t.co/8shZrA0X #
  • And the clueless keep writing lies. Idiots. | Walpole company’s anonymity software aids illlicit deals http://t.co/N1IWu5KA #
  • Because you go on so many adventures. | The North Face Pamir WindStopper Gloves – $24.93 http://t.co/ptaA7PRP #
  • Just #4 is getting me another MPG. Not much, but it adds up for us long-commuters. | 10 Tips to Help You Save on Gas http://t.co/dsP11FBO #
  • Great advice. Pay particular attention to the second C, Facebook-generation! | The Three Cs to Getting Any Job http://t.co/niO0lT2a #
  • This can help you understand how things work a little better. | DNS Explained http://t.co/o5lQl7uP #
  • Your daily Star Wars link. I'd like to hang these as art in my house, but I'm a nerd. http://t.co/6nqDEGz7 #
  • Yeah, it's another stupid picture that you won't find funny. | Dale has never been more right. http://t.co/2uUWSSlQ #
  • Need a burner or cheap backup? | AT&T GoPhone $15.99 Free Ship http://t.co/zBffC92H #
  • Entertainment Writer Has Knack For Making Complex Pop Culture Concepts Accessible To Lay Readers http://t.co/j3BStkJr #
  • They forgot 'make them work in IT'. | How to completely, utterly destroy an employee’s work life http://t.co/eWbXnJL6 #
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