Repealing Home Rule is Hard

You know, for as simple as they make placing a referendum on general election ballots sound in civics class, it’s not always that easy. I spent the better part of an afternoon one Sunday searching and googling (yes, it’s a verb) every combination of ‘repeal home rule Illinois referendum’ that I could think of at the time. Most of the results returned were pro-Home Rule pamphlets that stated ‘No municipality has attempted to repeal Home Rule in xx years…’

I’m not surprised at this fact given how difficult the information is to find online. I’m generally quite talented when it comes to putting together a query that coaxes needed information from Google. Not this time. Thankfully I came across some information in the state constitution, general election code, and some failed attempts by other ticked citizens in other towns.

With the information gleaned from these resources I was able to cobble together my referendum question. Thankfully, I have a couple of lawyer types who gave it the once-over a couple of times and feel that it meets the requirements set forth to be placed on the ballot. Now I just have to go get the needed signatures and get it filed. Have to be sure to get plenty of signatures since this will surely be contested.