Daniel’s Tweets for 2012-05-04

  • Fear gets votes and $$. | The Government’s Illusory Terrorist Threat http://t.co/MV48dBm3 #
  • Oh, Florida… you never fail to scare me. | Clearwater man accused of bestiality worked at Humane Society http://t.co/zjYot6TZ #
  • If the title doesn't anger/sicken you, read the article. | Minors suspected in South Africa gang rape released on bail http://t.co/hNzHJjWA #
  • Do you think it's any better over here? | Hackers have breached top secret MoD systems, cyber-security chief admits http://t.co/UQfaoym1 #
  • Not sure if a marker, or really stupid move… http://t.co/jYSSLdqe #
  • I would definitely do this. | Sugar Oil http://t.co/pPASMPc8 #
  • Thanks, @dfreese23, for making my son's first MLB game memorable Tuesday. #