Daniel’s Tweets for 2012-05-12

  • I'm Achievement/Social, how about you? | 6 Types of Motivation Explained http://t.co/pdcok8Jb #
  • Make your computer strong like bull and fast like that spicy food from last night. | Crucial 64GB SSD SATA 6Gb/s http://t.co/Y3gcVmm3 #
  • This is how I feel interviewing all the time. (link to the link) http://t.co/HkjUtVPS #
  • Kinda lame, but I haven't seen it yet. | Whedon talks about Bad Things Happening in Avengers – Spoiler Free http://t.co/Lk3PKL4K #
  • Are the new drug effects worth it? | When half a million Americans died and nobody noticed http://t.co/28l71fVd #
  • .@SGGRC How about touching on @UbuntuOne in your cloud reviews? I know we're a minority, but Linux users like cloud too! 🙂 #
  • .@acedtect So, any flavor of Ski you miss being on the coast? #
  • Back after May the Fourth overload. Utinni! | Star Wars Stamps Cover All Your Intergalactic Mail Needs http://t.co/3BUz4MMf #
  • Shame on me for not knowing how to properly use .@. Oh well, another lesson learned. #
  • Who decided that the bonus bits in movie credits would be called 'stingers'? I bet bees are pissed. #
  • Don't trust other networks (even in the US)! | FBI Warns Travelers Of Unexplained Pop-Up Window Horror http://t.co/GwEeCLPn #
  • I plan to sleep very well this evening. School and long hours at work have finally caught up to me. Thankfully both are now finished. #
  • I love the genre, but overkill – we has it. | Zombie Apocalypse, the Board Game http://t.co/JdnTziN6 #
  • I think it's great advice. | 10 Great Tips for Success in Both Life and Business http://t.co/ApbU4zXb #
  • Prepare to be inundated by how great another Apple product is… again. | Apple HDTV rumor roundup http://t.co/uEDVxhdc #
  • Your hope – this should crush it. | Identity Theft: It's Out of Your Hands http://t.co/g517g1vA #
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