Dan’s Tweets for 2012-06-09

  • Sad he was so young, but maybe a warning to others. | Teenager Breaks Into Cop's House; You Betcha, That Kid Got Shot http://t.co/IQJ8x67L #
  • You can't stop the Internet, you idiots. | Pirate Bay Pesters Copyright Holders with Yet Another New IP-Address http://t.co/xVzoJPYt #
  • THIS is the only thing I didn't like about 'new' Star Trek. http://t.co/M6hdRcfS #
  • Your DSWL is topical if not a little weird. | http://t.co/FtSgAAIC #
  • Idiots. Trees took 200 yrs to grow and this won't solve a whole year's budget. | Schools may sell trees to help budget http://t.co/tmwKVbjP #
  • Sometimes you get a wrong number, sometimes it gets you. | Man with Zimmerman's old number slammed by threatening calls http://t.co/1ckw9evL #
  • Yes, boot the criminals (illegals) out, but don't be a dick to everyone. | Not all Latinos are illegals http://t.co/HjP2f0hh #
  • You don't need it ladies. Really, who are you trying to impress? | Do women need to tame their unsightly bulges? http://t.co/RZShYy0J #
  • The same people who complain about higher taxes and still don't pay any bring you… | Obama Raises $60 Million In May http://t.co/PcY47It6 #
  • Gimmicks that might be worth the chance. | 10 Phone Apps That Can Help You Make Money http://t.co/J1MiLbLx #
  • That's a lot of tacos. | Doritos Locos Tacos http://t.co/yKg4aNZH #
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