Dan’s Tweets for 2012-06-19

  • Apparently Lifehack is imitating Cosmo. | 60 Ways to Love Your Man Better and Make Him Feel Crazy About You http://t.co/GKMfZMOX #
  • Another reason to love it. | The most accurate television show about the medical profession? Scrubs. http://t.co/WxmnF0qH #
  • Don't be stupid, but don't freak out either. Bad things happen. | Making the Best Choices in Bad Circumstances http://t.co/ZHNzQwuU #
  • Mmmm, I smell a fight a-brewin'. | Post-hack, companies fire back with their own attacks http://buff.ly/Mnixvw #
  • Got some good customer service from @DellCares. As long as the tech pans out, this could get upgraded to awesome. #Dell #
  • How? FFS. RT @cnnbrk: Jury finds Roger #Clemens not guilty on all counts in perjury trial http://t.co/YiE2Rhez #
  • Maybe this works for you? | How to Reach Your Goals By (Almost) Ignoring Them http://t.co/g86vgMmx #
  • If you do nothing else, #1 under 'Prep the Bedroom'. Electronics keep your mind going. | 19 Ways to Fall Asleep Fast http://t.co/bPsEIQwc #
  • Obscenity, still funny. | Herman Cain Endorses Who Gives A F*ck http://t.co/kUv9A7tl #