Dan’s Tweets for 2012-06-23

  • I'm a great fan of TED Talks. Perhaps you should give them a watch/listen. | The cult of TED http://t.co/aEGgwKu1 #
  • What do you think? | Supreme Court Overrules Fine For Naked Butt On TV; Punts On 1st Amendment Question http://t.co/3wuAJcvt #
  • Brace yourselves, the back to school sales are coming. | Mount Vernon Staples Weekly Ad http://t.co/IXpryKHR #
  • And I'll still mock you. | Pinterest not manly enough for you? Try these sites, bro http://t.co/X8FbxvHC #
  • I TOLD YOU! | Emergency responders train for the zombie apocalypse http://t.co/yrtMndOC #
  • 'Kids will be kids' – NO. Not when they're being assholes. | Karen Klein Bullied on School Bus http://t.co/qixwN2Ut #
  • Romney Stares Uncomprehendingly At $1 Bill http://t.co/64b0TMkO #
  • Like an iPod touch, but no dealing with Apple. | Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6" 8GB MP3 Player http://t.co/JytXE0Eh #
  • Flipboard is finally released for Android! If you have a tablet (maybe phone) then get it! | Flipboard on Google Play http://t.co/ad4X9DXx #
  • So, who's going to try it? | Porn Star Face Recognition Tool Shows Which Naughty Actor You Look Like http://t.co/Ok5QgcvJ #
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