Home Rule Revocation – It Begins

So, there was a petition turned in to the City Clerk this past Tuesday to put the question of whether Mount Vernon, IL should revoke Home Rule according to the Register-News. In that article I noticed something that struck me as peculiar:

The petition was presented to the City Clerk’s office Tuesday. Mayor Mary Jane Chesley said the petition will be reviewed by the city council to make sure it met all legal requirements before it will can put on the ballot for a vote by Mt. Vernon residents.

Now, I may be very mistaken, but I believe that the City Clerk certifies the petition, not the City Council.

However, I have been wrong before, and likely will be again. To that end I sent the following email to Mayor Chesley and all of City Council:

Mayor and Council,

I was reading about the guy who submitted the ‘revoke home rule’ petition and something caught my eye. As I understand it, the question should go on the ballot when certified by the city clerk. Why is council reviewing it?

If it’s just a cursory review I understand, but the city clerk is the one who certifies the petition.

I’d appreciate your help in understanding.

Please know I am not associated with this guy, nor do I know him to my knowledge. I am only trying to gain a correct perspective in this matter and would appreciate your guidance.

Thank you for your time!

I am anxious for their reply as I really would like to know if my understanding is correct about how this process works. Whether or not the petition works, governmental bureaucratic red-tape intrigues me.