Dan’s Tweets for 2012-07-12

  • Another naked cannibal attacks, CDC to reconsider zombie warning | Naked man bit man's stomach during rampage http://t.co/yN0axSe6 #
  • (possibly) Funny comment gets lawsuit? Damn we're litigious. | S-R must provide info on anonymous commenter http://t.co/PEyepnce #
  • 'American Suckers' or 'Boob Wars'? | Reality show casts spotlight on moms who breastfeed their toddlers and more http://t.co/P35h1Wa1 #
  • Ball bat or pistol would make him reconsider. | Compliance officer breaks into home to yell over state of lawn http://t.co/NKgwTZfX #
  • Yup. Any HR person worth their salt puts more weight in what YOU make public. | Social making the resume obsolete? http://t.co/6D6CjG9N #
  • So, I'm not a Hendrix fan, but still – really? http://t.co/ZdNqni9o #
  • Sense. Of. Humor. | CDC creates snarky "Wedding Day Survival Guide," but not everyone finds it funny http://t.co/o05WqlWx #
  • Water FTW! | Water, Sleep And Friends – Keys To Weight Loss http://t.co/51w0TT3d #
  • Maybe this helps you? | Graduating College Without Debt http://t.co/uzXdkq3v #
  • I truly believe a whiteboard you see first thing every day helps. | 10 Ways to Live a More Meaningful Life http://t.co/SlEU1k6n #
  • So, changed passwords lately? | Yahoo gets hacked as 400,000+ plaintext credentials are posted online http://t.co/gbbA6q7X #
  • The sad part is the parents *should* be the ones Darwin-ed out. | Tragedy in the backseat: Hot-car deaths http://t.co/zWZ8FSnL #
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