Dan’s Tweets for 2012-07-19

  • Doctors, religions, and most hippies say meditation is good. Go practice. | 4 Tips to Bolster Your Meditation Practice http://t.co/tXS1Mv0J #
  • Go enjoy your Wednesday with some friends, food, and family. http://t.co/D9ENj5iH #
  • Well, it took awhile. Good job. | Nazi war crimes suspect arrested in Hungary http://t.co/LorYYhCu #
  • FTLOG, avoid the politics and gossip. | How to Become the Most Valuable Employee for Your Organization http://t.co/M7pfdTZf #
  • Apparently I was arrested AND I'm only 18. Glad they let me in on this fact. http://t.co/UoGI2pWQ #
  • It's about time someone stands up. | EFF Challenges National Security Letter Statute in Landmark Lawsuit http://t.co/7IsiNgXL #
  • Go do some up-cycling. | 25 Uses For Old Cans http://t.co/TsDY8Hyi #
  • Singing the broke down on the side of the interstate blues. #
  • Get your popcorn ready for this, kids. | George Zimmerman to appear on Hannity show tonight http://t.co/TnkKrGCs #
  • Prepare to re-learn using a Windows machine. | Windows 8 is now due on Oct. 26 http://t.co/dSLgZQuF #
  • God Admits Humans Not Most Impressive Creation http://t.co/JnBhsWHE #
  • "…to all of you out there, wherever you are, remember: the light at the end of the tunnel may be you. Good night." #
  • False. This is a created crisis to divert your attention. | Postal Service to Default on Billions in Health Payments http://t.co/ch7tUYog #
  • If it were my kid, they *might* 'find' him in the morgue. | $10,000 reward for suspect in attempted abduction http://t.co/RhgHmPOD #
  • 3rd company inside of a week. Changed those passwords yet??? | Dropbox investigating possible security breach http://t.co/Hev79B9G #
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