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Dan’s Tweets for 2012-08-31

  • Gary Johnson Interview: Media Frightened to Let Me Debate #
  • Fat-bottomed Girls, we meet again. #radio #
  • An American Werewolf in London or Silver Bullet?

    Vote quickly, I want to watch a movie. #

Dan’s Tweets for 2012-08-30

  • Folks, go support a hometown classic with your dollars. Keep the money local and enjoy some great pizza at the… #
  • At $19.49 it's cheaper than the DVD versions I've found. | The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season [Blu-ray] #
  • Every time I accidentally look at I hear Sarah McLachlan and the waterworks start. I want to save all the animals. #
  • Have some AWWWW. | Dirty Dozen – Imgur #
  • For those of you who consider yourselves Republicans, more specifically the subset that like to call themselves… #
  • It's just a Sublime kinda afternoon. #
  • They still have the death penalty I hope. | Texas girl, 13, describes alleged sexual assaults #
  • Something to be said for being content. | Contentment as a Substitute for Money #
  • “You’ve confused a ‘war on your religion’ with ‘not always getting everything you want.’ … America isn’t Nazi… #
  • “You’ve confused a ‘war on your religion’ with ‘not always getting everything you want.’ … America isn’t Nazi… #
  • Perhaps one of these assists you? | The Top 11 Tools You Can Use to Be More Productive #
  • Hello, KGB? Yeah, my neighbor… | Police panel OKs guidelines on reporting possible terrorism #
  • Welcome to a great day, everyone. Go do something that helps someone else be happy. #
  • That side effect the doctor warned you about where anything sweet tastes horrible.

    Being a drinker of Mountain… #

  • It's a refurb, but for $30 who cares? | Toshiba BDX2150 Blu-ray Disc Player #
  • Now we're doing Cyberdyne's work for it. #
  • I'm not saying to prepare for the apocalypse, but it might be a good idea to plan for being without electricity… #

Dan’s Tweets for 2012-08-29

  • At least conservatives are open to new ways for women to dress. I approve. Great job being conservative. | RNC 2012 #
  • Installing Windows 8 for the first time. I wonder how this will go. #
  • Maybe it helps you get some rest? | 10 Common Sleep Mistakes to Avoid #
  • This is hilarious.

    GOP Jesus: Celebrated deity who preached that "the poor should get a damned job already" and… #

  • Maybe it helps you get some rest? | 10 Common Sleep Mistakes to Avoid #
  • Go tell it on the mountain tops! | HP: Users Need to Take Responsibility for Online Security #
  • Something fun as a bonus DSWL. | Handpainted Star Wars R2D2 Bra on Etsy #
  • I guess this is a third DSWL. | $7.99 Spaceballs (25th Anniversary) [Blu-ray] #
  • A great way to help security of your FB account. | Introducing Login Approvals #
  • Molina just took a shoulder to the head and held the ball. #
  • Why hello, entertainment box. #
  • Trying the sleep of the butterflies. #
  • The sleep of the butterflies is a lie. #
  • Everybody needs Ritalin! Hypercolors!!! – @TetheredHeather @thehooch36 @BigKevsView #podcast #RNC2012 #
  • So, he had a suppressor and perhaps a stump-bomb? Sensational title is sensational. | Man indicted on gun, bomb charges #

Dan’s Tweets for 2012-08-28

  • Hello, headache. I really didn't miss you while you were on vacation but I have sure noticed your return. #
  • Know someone who could use this information? I do. | 10 Simple Steps to Conquering Your Messy Desk #
  • #4 #4 #4 #4 .. | Get Organized Now: 9 Ideas That Work #
  • Royalè from Steak 'n Shake. It was amazing. #
  • The new marriage measurement scale. #
  • We do not live in a theocracy, folks. #
  • New technology uses, you're doing it right. | Tropical Storm Isaac: Google launches special map with latest info #
  • Have a DSWL. #
  • It's not scientific, but fun to think about. | Cities that spoil their kids the most #

Dan’s Tweets for 2012-08-27

  • Wrote my first app for Android. I'd feel accomplished if it did more than make noise and vibrate the phone…. #
  • Your DSWL is all about tea time. | Death Star Tea Infuser #