Dan’s Tweets for 2012-09-08

  • Honest logos for the Patriots, Cowboys, Giants, and rest of the NFL http://t.co/suvpIrw1 #
  • http://t.co/t8iGcK8G #
  • You should go to Google and 'play' the doodle today. #
  • Some people you wish were on FB or you could talk to, some you wish weren't or you don't.

    Welcome to vaguebooking at it's finest. #

  • But keep voting for them, they're the good guys. | GOP Suing to Keep Third Parties Off Ballot in November http://t.co/NSxpf01Y #
  • Computers are tools. I usually don't mind helping people with problems, but if it looks like Ebola lives there, I don't want to touch it. #
  • So, the Nexus 7 is still your best choice. | All new Kindle Fires stuck with ads http://t.co/zaQfMNCk #
  • EMG. "… they feel "too much" in a room …of people … the information comes in too fast than can be … processed." http://t.co/o0T8dCe2 #
  • Watch out, Mount Vernon, it's going to rain. Okay, can we cut the sirens? #
  • Encino Man. Yeah, that. #