Dan’s Tweets for 2012-09-10

  • MVTHS Issues Press Release – Dan Counters | Big Kevs View http://t.co/3gBa8FDA #
  • Go check out the page of a board member who actually cares what you think and does what is right instead of… http://t.co/J7XrYncW #
  • If you want to take a hand in shaping your city's future, now is the time. Go get a petition, 26 (or more)… http://t.co/IVfxpv8b #
  • The replacement NFL referees look like they're 12. #
  • People are toying with my emotions on this 'Morgan Freeman is dead' hoax. #
  • So true. | Things That Blew Your Mind When You Were A Kid http://t.co/okBq9GZK Found via Geeks are Sexy. #
  • Your DSWL is comfy and stylish. | Stormtrooper Hooded Bath Robe http://t.co/5632KwVb #
  • Yup. http://t.co/QMJieff6 #
  • Nothing like realizing your assignment was due at 9AM at 9:02AM. #
  • Refurb, but a steal at $69.99 shipped. Coupon code – MLCK910TNL1 | Roku 2 XS 1080P Streaming Media Player http://t.co/7xNeAIiT #
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