Make a Difference in Election 2012

My friends in Illinois,

Obama has won Illinois. Neither he nor Romney spent any money here because of the lopsided polls. Chicago, East STL, Peoria, and others have decided for you. I tell you this not because I support Obama, but to appeal to your logic.

A vote for Romney is pointless in this election. You may be doing it to spite the D or whatever, but it won’t actually do anything. What I ask you to consider is voting for Gary Johnson – a Libertarian. Why? A number of reasons, but I will attempt to keep this a reasonable post. Libertarians believe in liberty. More specifically they believe in personal choice. What people do, so long as it does not harm others, is your own business. (my interpretation)

Gary Johnson is polling at 4% when included alongside the D and R candidates. With your help he could reach the magical 5% number that the D and R established to get federal money (yup, you fund the candidates like it or not) and most importantly ballot access. Ballot access means that the Libertarian party will be allowed special privileges like the D and R instead of having to fight, get petitions with signatures, and be denied the ability to participate in debates. This also means that the D and R might have to take a stand on issues instead of mostly agreeing without taking a definitive stand.

In the end, I don’t know that my plea will make a difference, but I am hoping that you will make a difference. This election cycle goes to the D in Illinois. However you can use the vote you might have cast in spite, out of tradition, or whatever reason you had and use it to allow another party to have a say in politics and provoke some change. I ask you to cast a vote for a truly different candidate and spur our political system to what it can be – greatness.