They’re all hypocrites

So, I was listening to some christian radio station on my commute home last night as I’m prone to do in the evenings. I was listening as they went down a list of complaints about marriage, Texas, and Obama. I get the marriage bit because their holy book says no-no. Fine. Your opinion is your opinion. I also get the Texas bit because it was something about making abortion illegal or restricted or something (I missed most of it paying attention to driving). They say no abortion ever, and I do agree with that as my opinion.

However, the bit about Obama saying the SCOTUS gave a great decision regarding marriage stumped me. It wasn’t that they didn’t like Obama supporting the decision. The station’s ire was raised by the fact that he said it in a country where same-sex marriage is is illegal – Senegal. Their bit was (paraphrased) ‘Obama shouldn’t praise something which is illegal within the country is visiting. That’s rude.’

Again, their opinion and they are more than entitled to it. It struck me as odd though considering Senegal is a muslim country with laws slanted in that direction. I have vague memories of Obama being called a panderer and other not-nice things when visiting other countries and paying attention to protocols as to not offend them. I’m having a hard time reconciling this in my head.

So, Obama is a douche for not ignoring protocols and being an ignorant American, AND he’s a douche for ignoring the fact that same-sex marriage is illegal in a country and speaking about it? Make up your damn minds.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate all these political pundits who spin shit over the public eyes but this is the most recent bit and it splintered in my mind so I wrote about it. They are all liars and spin data to rile up their viewers for ratings. You do realize that don’t you? None of the supposed news sources care about anything but money. They make more money by using spin to enrage you and lead you down the primrose path.

Take in your ‘news’ from multiple sources and be discerning. Don’t buy into the bullshit.