Delirium – don’t believe the hype

I had seen at least one recommendation for this film that raved and said it was an unsung hero in the horror genre that went completely unnoticed. Well, it was something.

We sat through the whole thing, but it was definitely not interesting at all. I appreciate that the actors did their best and the idea they tried to convey was interesting, however it didn’t jam well in our opinion.

Truth be told we kept waiting for dude-bros to start dying and hoping for some grisly justice in exchange for out time. It never came. I wish I could remember what site recommended this turd so that I could go and voice a dissenting opinion. I mean, this movie wasn’t even good in a ‘so bad it’s good’ way that some classics pull off. It was just badly put together.

Again, I get the idea they tried to pull off, but it didn’t come together and in the end you keep hoping for the characters to die, but they don’t. Avoid this even on late-night reruns.