Shudder Saga Continues (via Prime)

Well, the entire reason we started the Shudder trial via Amazon Prime was to watch a film that caught my interest, Found Footage 3D. That was a couple of weeks ago but we still haven’t watched that particular movie. We have discovered quite a few other offerings on Shudder which have kept us busy and entertained.

Some of the movies have been yawns, classics – cult and otherwise, B-level, C-level, and some that we just missed because so many films are put out each year. Frankly we keep forgetting about movies that sound interesting via the trailers but then they get lost in the myriad of tent-pole trailer onslaught.

One show we gave a shot was The Shuttle with (starring?) Tony Curran from the sci-fi show I actually liked called Defiance. It thoroughly deserves its current 3-star rating. It wasn’t a great film because it falls on its face a few times and drags out a little longer than it should. That being said, you should give it a shot if you have 90 minutes to kill.

The scenes that are good are very good for the thriller genre, especially of late. Tony Curran gives a great performance. Granted the young male actors aren’t perfect, but they fill their purpose as typical fodder. If nothing else, you should appreciate the ending which does not cow to a tidy ending that most expect.

Spoilers follow

Open-ended stories are good occasionally, and this one pulls it off. Frankly I was shocked at how awful the ending is for the other lead character if you take it to its conclusion and I loved it. It’s not for everyone, but worth a watch if you’re in a dry spell for the parts that are pretty good.