So, we’ve been on a horror kick…

Lately at the house there have been a lot of horror movies being watched. Some of them are serious, some are not. Cabin in the Woods is always a favorite. I don’t know why we haven’t gone and bought some super-awesome Blu-ray release of it yet. Maybe there isn’t one. I should google that in a bit.

Moving on, last night I came home to Amityville: The Awakening having just started. By no means is this 2017 release a masterpiece, but it was mildly entertaining. Strangely enough it exists in a world where the other Amityville movies exist. The characters decide to watch the classic one night in the Amityville house. Short version is there is an evil in the house, possession, kinda scary, evil is defeated… for now.

Today I was flipping through upcoming Blu-ray releases to reserve at the library and came across Found Footage 3D. It sounds like a combination send-up of the found footage genre that most horror movies are using now and an actual horror movie rolled up into one neat little package. I plan to watch it tonight via a free trial from Amazon Prime. I’m sure they hate people who trial and then immediately cancel, but they do make the offer so meh.

If I remember, I’ll try to post thoughts on FF3D later. In the mean time, I wonder how many other possibly good movies we miss with so many avenues of delivery. We have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO, IFC, Starz, PLUS the regular big-box movie houses that produce a slurry for consumption in addition to the independent films that are getting much better with technology becoming inexpensive. I suppose we’ll just have to keep our eyes open and catch what we can in our filter.