Quarantine Day 3

Well today I ventured out to scrounge some toilet paper. We’re now down to Charmin Essentials and there are only 4 rolls total. Two Wal-marts, Target, and a Schnucks later I was able to find one four-pack of WM house paper. I’m sure it will be equivalent to sandpaper, but oh well.

Target did have some Bounty paper towels in the giant pack so that’s the final line of defense, minus unmatched socks (ew). Here’s to hoping people reign in their crazy before it gets to that point.

The kids are coping well, even the furry ones. For some reason Tiger looks fat in this picture, but she most definitely isn’t. Molly is though. I’m dealing with typical adulting stress with the layoff and bills and I forgot to get cat food and and and…

You get the point. Pretty sure we’ll all come out of this unscathed but it is an interesting time to be living. I hope we learn to keep some supplies on hand in the future. A tornado, or flood, or earthquake – any of these are more than capable of disrupting daily life and causing us to stretch a little further than normal. Keep that in mind.

Now, where’s my quarantini…

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