The Friday Night Experience

Friday night, Em and I joined Kevin in recording a podcast. He has been doing very well in getting them out regularly on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. He has improved quite a bit from the first recordings and is putting out better-sounding stuff all of the time.

Our input was very jagged for the first half hour, but we got better the second half. I personally think it was pretty good, but we need to get our audio levels worked out. Em sounds really loud, Kevin’s about right, and I’m too quiet.

My only warning is that this bit is not for kids. There are discussions and language that are not appropriate for children, or anyone who may be offended. It’s pretty raw to be honest. If you would like to listen, you have been warned.

For anyone concerned about the copyright, Kevin and I have agreed on joint-ownership. Please contact us if you have any questions concerning use of this audio. All of the other material on this site is licensed through the Creative Commons license found in the column of this site.