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Just in case…

Just in case there are actually any people who listen to the podcasts I occasionally put up here (I know from the stats there are a few) – there won’t be any more posted.

The podcasting idea was something I had looked into deeply, toyed with, and helped Kevin a little bit with in his setup. To that end, I will leave the audio market to him alone.

I enjoy making podcasts and spouting-off audibly, but I’m more of a writing guy. Kevin does a great job speaking and anchoring a show. I cannot pull it off myself at this point, so I think it best to drop it from my agenda.

So, all that out of the way, I do plan on participating in Big Kev’s View as a regular. While I’m not anchor material, I like to think that I add a bit of substance to the show.

Just for archiving purposes, I will keep the podcast posts active for maybe a week from now on here. After that, they will not work as I will de-activate the PodPress plugin.

So please go subscribe to the feed over at Kev’s View, and/or subscribe via iTunes. The feeds for both are right on the front page of his site. Thank you all for your support.

Wednesday Show 2008-07-14

A slow Wednesday show where Kevin and I cover a wiiiiiiiiide range of topics.

Surprisingly, our shirts got delivered whilst recording.

Wednesday Podcast 7-9-2008

Here’s a return-to-form podcast about current news and some upcoming things. I generally come off pervy, a bunny almost dies, and other, lesser things.

The Wednesday Show – 06-25-2008

Kevin, Murph, and I go at it with a simple show about fans, each other, and general nonsense. Believe it or not I actually got censored by Kevin. How’s that for some irony?

Adult content as always, so listen at your own risk.

Oh, and finally a contact email for Emily.

The Monday Show – 6/23/2008

The trio of Kevin, Emily, and I are back round-tabling a wide span of topics. Lots of sad news for some reason involving bad people doing bad things. Also, a great site for kid’s party ideas.

Thanks for looking, and listen at your own risk.