Politics – FFS

Lately there has been a rash of arguments about various political candidates, their policies, and some dumb shit said by an airhead. Unfortunately, people are forgetting the most important matter of all:


The president stirred up some bullshit by saying that Roman Catholic employers must offer birth control. Here’s the thing: they are a business and as such should be free to offer whatever benefits they choose to offer. If you don’t like it then leave. Whether BC is used for birth control, hormonal reasons, or because they taste like Pez is irrelevant to the argument. This is a weak president shifting focus from his non-activity to a hot-button issue. It worked.

Then Rush Limbaugh called some chick a slut and all hell broke loose. You know what you (pissed of women/men) are doing by discussing him? Giving him press. You know what boosts his ratings? Press. He is getting tons of new listeners from both the pro and con sides of this argument. Good job. If you really wanted to hurt him you would just ignore him and realize he’s an entertainer looking for free advertisement. Stop giving it to him if you really want to win.

You all need to pull your collective heads from your collective asses. First, we’re all people. Second, these guys are running spin to keep us in-fighting. If we polarize around X or Y issue, then we are divided and they win. Get over these minor issues and look at the big picture. We have overwhelming debt, no manufacturing, and are taxed to death. How stupid do you have to be to argue over birth control? Eliminate the national debt and you can hand out a lifetime supply of BC to every man, woman, and child until the end of time. Hell, you could probably do it with what we’re blowing on nation-building in the middle-east.

Kick back and realize what is important. This little issue is not the most important thing going on.

Keep voting for the D and R candidates. How’s that working out for you? How’s it working out for our future?