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2020 Quarantine Day 2

Tiger isn’t worried.

So, today I took stock and we’re down to a couple of rolls of toilet paper and 1/4 roll of paper towels. Kinda pissed at the idiots who cleared the shelves and caused supply lines to be all askew.

Normally I have a lot of paper products on hand because we won’t ever not use them. TP is a staple similar to milk, eggs, and flour. Unfortunately I was just letting our supply run because I do normally have a stockpile and I hadn’t seen any good deals lately.

Enter COVID-19 and BOOM – idiots hoarding. Now I’m in a house with 3 people and 4 pets and no paper supplies.

On the positive side, we are solid on food staples except meat. The butcher was charging about $6/# for ground beef. Luckily I found another shop only charging $4/#, but we still yet may be moving to vegetarian whether willingly or not.

However, everyone is in good health and for that I’m thankful. It’s also comforting that we should be able to ride this out in our home, and not everyone is so lucky. I hope anyone who reads this is doing well. If I can be of assistance in this trying time, please let me know.

Vaping, or the latest way the world will destroy your children

So, there have been a lot of articles and misinformation regarding vaping, e-cigarettes, or whatever other term fits the editor’s fancy. The short version of what this process involves is heating a liquid or juice to make it evaporate and then inhaling that vapor. That’s it. This is similar to a vaporizer that someone might use to treat respiratory issues. The main difference between the two applications being that one delivers medicine and one can deliver nicotine. Also the vapers, people who vape, tend to have portable devices rather than a breathing treatment system like an asthma or other respiratory treatment which is usually immobile.

There should be a few things said about recent clickbait fear mongering articles that people love to bring up if they find you are a vaper. These are provided in bullet and answer form for your convenience.

  • You’re inhaling antifreeze! – Well, no. There is an ingredient in juice that is also present in antifreeze. It is also in a number of foods you eat. Calm down.
  • Kids and pets are killing themselves! – Perhaps. Overdosing on Drano will kill you too. It’s about being responsible with drugs, chemicals, even foods.
  • Those e-cigs blow up! – Well, so do 9-volt batteriesĀ if you aren’t careful. If someone combines an improper battery and vaporizer, yes, it can explode.
  • Kids are taking this up! – They have sex too. I don’t think kids should vape, but I’d rather they do this than cigarettes or weed. It’s a fad and will fade like they do.
  • Those things put out formaldehyde, etc. – The study that showed this result superheated the liquid to a point you couldn’t inhale it. If you superheat macaroni and cheese it might put out some nasty stuff too.
  • Do you even know what’s in that thing? – To a detailed level, no. It could be acid for all I know. However reputable juice mixers have their ingredients listed on the side and have a great incentive to be honest – money. Juice is incredibly cheap to make, especially on scale. If someone puts out questionable product word gets around and they don’t make money. People like money. Most juice contains very few things: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, food-grade flavorings, nicotine, and maybe citric acid. The citric acid is in extremely small amounts and adds tartness. It’s also in your foods.

So if you have any reason in you at all you should be able to tell that the latest fad of vaping is not likely to do much harm to anyone. No, there have not been long term studies regarding the effects of vaping versus smoking cigarettes. Personally the very short list of ingredients and fact that I can now breathe easily means that I will keep vaping for the foreseeable future. Maybe I’ll grow a third arm. I can tell you for sure that smoking cigarettes will likely give you cancer, lung disease, heart disease, emphysema, and a host of other horrible things. I’ll take my chances on the new deal that I know what it contains.

Politics – FFS

Lately there has been a rash of arguments about various political candidates, their policies, and some dumb shit said by an airhead. Unfortunately, people are forgetting the most important matter of all:


The president stirred up some bullshit by saying that Roman Catholic employers must offer birth control. Here’s the thing: they are a business and as such should be free to offer whatever benefits they choose to offer. If you don’t like it then leave. Whether BC is used for birth control, hormonal reasons, or because they taste like Pez is irrelevant to the argument. This is a weak president shifting focus from his non-activity to a hot-button issue. It worked.

Then Rush Limbaugh called some chick a slut and all hell broke loose. You know what you (pissed of women/men) are doing by discussing him? Giving him press. You know what boosts his ratings? Press. He is getting tons of new listeners from both the pro and con sides of this argument. Good job. If you really wanted to hurt him you would just ignore him and realize he’s an entertainer looking for free advertisement. Stop giving it to him if you really want to win.

You all need to pull your collective heads from your collective asses. First, we’re all people. Second, these guys are running spin to keep us in-fighting. If we polarize around X or Y issue, then we are divided and they win. Get over these minor issues and look at the big picture. We have overwhelming debt, no manufacturing, and are taxed to death. How stupid do you have to be to argue over birth control? Eliminate the national debt and you can hand out a lifetime supply of BC to every man, woman, and child until the end of time. Hell, you could probably do it with what we’re blowing on nation-building in the middle-east.

Kick back and realize what is important. This little issue is not the most important thing going on.

Keep voting for the D and R candidates. How’s that working out for you? How’s it working out for our future?

Is autism caused by vaccines?

Frankly, I have no clue. Since I have not been personally affected by this condition, I am not up to speed on the research and theories.

From what I have read, both sides have compelling arguments. Even questions that I have asked of a couple of doctors are split. No one has been able to conclusively prove nor disprove the relationship between vaccines and autism. At least not in my opinion.

CNN has a few articles on the topic. Here is a quote from one of them: “Vaccines save lives,” countered Dr. Julie Gerberding, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, after the Poling decision was announced in March. “The most reputable scientists around the world have looked at this situation over and over again, and they have stated that they cannot see an association between vaccines and autism.”

What my narrow mind can cull from that statement is absolutely nothing. I mean, in my point of view, “the most reputable scientists around the world…” thought at one time that the world was flat and the center of the universe.

Think about it, at one time or another, many great certainties have been proven incorrect. Of course I can’t be the one to say there is a relationship or not. Heck, the world could still be flat for all I know. I haven’t sailed it or been into space to look around.

My only point is that this is something worthy of research and investigation. Perhaps even extreme caution. Even one child developing autism as a result of a vaccine against something they may be exposed to is too many. Think about it and do your own research.