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Here we go againnnnnn

School has started the fall semester. Strangely enough this fall will see our whole household going to class. Em is doing dental school, I’m in the 3rd semester of my IT Specialist, and the kids are in grade school.

Needless to say, we are running around like crazy people. Erich’s birthday is soon, Emily is getting the shots for her clinicals, I’m running 14 hour Monday’s, Erich has football, there are various Jaycee projects, and then homework for everyone. Wow, that was hard to summarize. I can’t imagine having to say it all.

I have come to the realization that 14 hour Monday’s are going to wipe me out. Wednesdays aren’t bad with 7 hours, I can recover from those. I have to go straight to bed Monday night though. I’m paying for not realizing that sooner today.

Some good news: Emily is wallpapering Erich’s room and it looks great so far. She’s almost done and ready to paint. Trivia night is creeping along. We’re still working on table sponsors and teams, but people are showing interest and giving us a positive response.

Thankfully my evening Linux class is going to be pretty easy. I was one of two with a passing score (if they were graded) on the pre-test. Windows Server shouldn’t be too difficult either since I deal with it every day. SQL has me scared since I know very little about databases, but our Prof seems like a guy who will help us get it and help however he can.

Sorry I haven’t been posting anything but Twitter updates, but as you can tell we’ve been busy. I’ll try to get more up here as time allows. Thanks for the emails!

Need custom felt for poker or pool?

You should definitely go check out the site of a local guy I met last night – Pimp My Table. I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the man makes some impressive designs with quality materials.

Pace (the owner) came by our Jaycee meeting last night with some ideas. We all chatted for awhile, and then went outside to look at the samples he has in his trailer. I have to say the man makes some impressive products.

Any of the tables he had in the back would more than suit my quality requirements. I don’t know what else to say other than Pace has done a few felts for famous people, and you should go check out his work at the site above.

Did I mention that he’s local and you could have a table of the same quality the professional players and gamers use?

Guitar Hero this Saturday at the Granada

Just a little reminder that the Jaycees will be hosting a Guitar Hero tournament Saturday, July 26th, 2008 at the Granada Center in Mount Vernon, Illinois.

Last time (our first attempt), we had over 70 participants at final count and many observers. We are limiting the tournament to 128 contestants across the 4 categories (Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert)

If you like rock music, the Granada, or Guitar Hero you should come out and see the fun. Heck, maybe you’ll even decide that you need to participate!

Come out and have a good time while supporting your community.

Jaycees Website

Free/Inexpensive Kids Activities at the Salute to Freedom

The Convention and Tourism Bureau will be putting on a spectacular fireworks display again this year at Mount Vernon Outland Airport on July 4th. Last year, the Mount Vernon Jaycees brought out games, prizes, and face painting to provide entertainment for the kids before the fireworks began. Unfortunately, it rained until just before dark. Still, many kids came through and had a great time.

This year, the Jaycees have decided to bring out 3 giant inflatable play-sets for the kids to have fun with and bring back face painting. There will also be a raffle of two (2) $50 gas cards. The raffle will be $1/chance, and face painting will also hold a minimal cost to cover paint (probably $1/cheek).

The spectacular news is that there will be absolutely no cost for children to play on/in the inflatable playsets. Yes, you read correctly – FREE.

“We felt as a community organization that we wanted all children to come out and have fun, without causing an expense to parents. Also, the gas cards could make a parent or visitor very happy.” – Greg Mehochko, 2008 Kids’ Alley chairman

As a community organization, the Jaycees feel it is important to provide entertainment at this family event for those who arrive early. Everyone knows sometimes children get antsy while waiting, and this should be fun for them to enjoy while waiting for dusk.

The Jaycees would like to thank the Convention and Tourism Bureau for allowing us to present Kids’ Alley again this year and for their continued support of our endeavors.

Contact the Mount Vernon Jaycees at jaycees[at]mvn[dot]net .

2nd Jaycee’s Guitar Hero Tournament July, 26th

The Mount Vernon Jaycees will be holding a 2nd Guitar Hero Tournament on July 26th. The first tournament held at the Granada Center for the Performing Arts was a great success, and we look forward to even more success with the second iteration.

Our first tournament drew over 70 participants at final tally, and many people who enjoyed watching the contestants face-off with such classics as “Talk Dirty to Me” and others. Everyone seemed to have fun and there were very few bugs that have since been ironed-out.

If you are interested in participating, please email the Jaycees. We will contact you as quickly as possible with pertinent information.