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I dislike politicians. They are so fake. I certainly hope that with my running for city council I never become like them.

My goal going into this is to make a difference and represent the average person. We have enough people on the city council now (read: all of them) who cater to the religious right and are perfectly content not to draw any new employment to the city. So long as their pockets and businesses are doing well, they are not concerned about anything else. Except maybe getting re-elected.

For too long this city has not had any industry come to town. We are reduced to begging for jobs at the two living-wage paying jobs in town, and one of them even reduced their pay and increased insurance costs greatly. Tell me that’s not a sign of “we are the only game in town”.

Also, I’m trying to figure out where I can gain advertising dollars. I don’t care to have my name plastered everywhere, but some advertising is a fact of elections. You have to get your name and message out to the voters or you haven’t given them any information to vote for you. Unfortunately, this will all come directly from my pockets and they don’t run deep at all. The people in power all have money to draw from, whereas I am left pulling from my budget every penny I can squeeze so that this will at least be a decent campaign.

EVERYTHING isn’t a blog

Very good article/rant about the media referring to everything as a blog. There are some good points about how corporations put up marketing crap posing as blogs, and some writers who publish their content online and sell ads and make a living.Read the article. It describes a lot of what I think about shameless promotion.

Thank God it’s over

Christmas has come and gone. Apparently Emily and I are doing much better at picking presents (as is Santa Claus). The kids are actually playing with everything they got instead of picking one or two and tossing them aside. They had fun, and I must say this is the first year I’ve actually felt comfortable at my in-laws.

As usual, I did have to drive all over the county and pack the car multiple times, but it was well worth it.

Now on to New Year’s eve…

Every year…

Every year I help with the Jaycees’ Shopping Spree, and every year I almost cry. I can’t believe that there are so many KIDS that don’t have much/anything.

It is wonderful to see their smiling faces though when you introduce yourself and smile, then race off to the toy aisle. I had to keep reminding the kids that it was all about them. They would look back at me and ask what they should get. I had to keep replying “Whatever you want. It’s all about you.”

Right at the end last night we had 3 kids who we didn’t know were coming show. There were a couple of guys and I still around so we introduced ourselves and went off. I got paired with Amaiyah. Weird. She had the same name as my daughter, different spelling though. Then we took off and she went straight to the dolls. She picked out a new doll and a change of clothes. Then we went around the corner and she grabbed a toy phone.

Then she said she was done. I asked her if she was sure, and she said yes. She was ready to go. So we went to the checkout and I talked her into a bag of candy as well. They were those little gummy-worms. Once we checked out and she was getting ready to head out with her case worker, she turned, smiled and said “Thank you.”

Now I’m crying as I write this down. Maybe I’m just a weenie. Maybe it’s because she shared my daughter’s name and looked to be about the same age. You just can’t replace that feeling of making a kid’s night.


I need a vacation. All of this Christmas shopping and such is rough. We probably stress ourselves out more than anything by trying to compete with everyone else. Perhaps I should take next year off and just watch everyone scurry about.

Em got all of the shopping done for everyone. I’m glad because I haven’t had the time. Unfortunately, the item she wanted to get for her dad is on backorder. It can be up to 30 days before it ships. Oh well, he won’t mind I’m sure.

I’m so glad that my family will be meeting up at Grandpa’s on Christmas Eve. That will narrow us down to having to drive to Em’s grandma’s and her dad’s. I always despise Christmas because all it is for me is a day to drive to at least 3 locations. Pack the car 3 times, then get home late, unpack the car, and get the kids to bed. That doesn’t amount to much fun for dad.

The kids have a blast though, and that’s what makes it worth it.