Archive: April, 2006

Amaya’s Birthday

Sunday is Amaya’s birthday, and she’s excited as her dippiness will allow. She knows it’s coming, and knows there will be presents and a party, but isn’t flipping out. Today she received presents from aunt Diana, and spent the late morning and ride to day care playing with the little dolls. She does the same thing with Emily’s toes, but the dolls were definitely loved.

Apparently, we are going to visit relatives and open presents on Saturday pretty much. Then we’re going to Chuck E. Cheese on Sunday with Erich, Amaya, Tysia, and Alex. THAT should be an adventure.

Alltel was here en-force today. There wasn’t much in my area, other than making a presentation sheet or two for my boss and activating a handset for Alltel to play with, but it was still nerve-wracking. From what I’ve heard all the Alltel people were nice and friendly so I do have a good non-impression of them. More will unfold in the weeks and months to come.

Easter Saturday

The kids went today out to Mike and Joan’s church and participated in some Easter festivities. Erich did very well with the “egg toss”. He made 6 out of 8. Not too shabby. They also got to make door hangers, received a bit of candy, and had a great time to hear Amaya’s non-stop yapping.

Em is out shopping for summer clothes. The kids have virtually none. We went from cold to warm/hot very quickly and we weren’t prepared. Actually, Em thought ahead and bought summer clothes for this year last fall when they were on sale, but Erich’s too big and Amaya’s too small. Oh well, Emily said she’s found a dress for Amaya already and some shorts for Erich.

While Emily, Erich, and Amaya were Easter-ing I managed to get most of the yard mowed and the tree-barf cleaned up. There are a few spots to clean up in the back yard, but I ran out of gas and the kids got home. Now I’m listening to the Card’s game. 6-1 Cards in the 5th. Woot.

Good Friday

More Like Great Friday. The weather all week has been awesome, including today. Unfortunately I was stuck at work. Pffffttthhhttt.

Perhaps today wasn’t a total loss. I did squeeze in a haircut to look pretty for the Alltel people coming in on Monday. Talk about making people nervous. I’m not freaked out, but I am a bit worried about the future. However, change can be good.

I’m thinking of running for city council. I don’t know that I’ll make it, but you never know if you don’t try. Plus, I’ll be able to say I tried to do something about the problems I complain about. It’s more than I can say for most.

The kids had a fun day with Grandma. They can’t stop talking about it. Probably all the candy and pop they had today. Granny spoils them. Erich even had a belly ache for a bit. Haven’t we all had that at one time as kids?

Google Calendar

Google launched their calendar application today. It is very nice, especially for a freebie. You can have RSS feeds and iCal sync with it. The user interface is pretty easy, and you can make it all or partially public. Not to mention you can put links on your site for visitors to click and automatically add your event to their calendar. This is more of a launch befitting Google.

Now for my paranoia: Google is the host for too much knowledge. For example: Gmail, Personalized search, Desktop Search, Gchat, Google Mobile, Blogger, and now Google Calendar. That is waaaaaaaaaaay too much information for one company to have about any one person. Unfortunately, there are a LOT of people who are blindly drawn to the convenience of having all their services so conveniently thrown together. Like I said, just my paranoid mind running overtime.

New Possibilities

Last night at the weekly meeting, I had to deliver the bad news that there will be no Jaycees’ Radio Show. We were able to come up with 0 sponsors. That’s pretty sad. Not one single business in the county would purchase ad space to support us.

On the plus side, we did come up with some great plans for future endeavors. On-tap there is a casino night, grilling in front of Kroger, concessions at AFFL games, and the “Rock the Holiday” event at the Holiday Inn. Things are bleak now, but look to be improving.

The kids have been on spring break all week and keep asking when they can go back to school. Weirdos. In about 5 years they’ll be begging not to go I bet. For now, it’s nice to know they enjoy it.

Check out the Mount Vernon Jaycees’ website. I did that.