Archive: March, 2007

New Texas weapon law is what the nation needs

Texas’ governor has signed legislation that allows and extends the common sense right of people to protect themselves, especially in their homes.

It is too bad that Illinois is bent on protecting the “rights” of criminals. These pieces of garbage can break into my home and attempt to steal from me or harm my family, and I can only use reasonable force to stop them. Personally, I think anything is reasonable to stop someone passing beyond the LOCKED door of my home. There is no reasonable purpose for someone to bust their way through that situation.

To me, reasonable force would be equal with me shooting them. I mean, if they force themselves into my home, should I not be able to force them to stop the crime they are perpetrating or attempting to perpetrate?

Probably not in Illinois. Home defense? HA! Try letting the thief sue me for tripping over one of my children’s toys. No, I do not have precedent, just making a point using an outlandish example.

Google builds a site in the kuntree – Why not here?

Google has decided to develop a new server farm in a community of North Carolina. Of course, there were massive tax incentives and other concessions given to them, as there are for any new industry these days. My big question is: Why not here?

Mount Vernon and Jefferson County have an ample workforce to staff such an operation. Our area is located right at two major interstates for easy access. Our water supplies are abundant (thank you, Rend Lake). Finally, we have fiber connections very near and probably under our feet.

Could, should, and would our government pursue an opportunity for a “clean” industry that would mean jobs, construction, and possibly draw in other knowledge-industry?

I personally believe that they could and SHOULD make every attempt to have this type of industry here, but I wonder if they would. Fortunately, I am just providing speculation and I want to believe that our city is pursuing real employment and growth for our community and the surrounding area. Everyone living here knows that we need more to sustain ourselves than hotels, restaurant chains, gas stations, pawn shops, banks, and instant-credit/loan-shops. Unfortunately we have no word of anything else coming any time soon.

Yaaaaay, we’re getting a new interchange and some “big-box” stores to sell stuff. Unfortunately, no one will be able to afford to shop anywhere but Wal-Mart with our pitiful employment situation.

Slow week

This is a post about nothing. Hate to leave my 2 readers with nothing new. Monday was just Monday, and yesterday I woke up with horrible allergies.

Em got the brilliant idea to open some windows with the warmer weather. That was a great idea – get some fresh air, smell the spring. Unfortunately, she left a couple open overnight and I woke up snotty and congested. Thank God for Claritin. I popped one and was feeling better in the afternoon.

Later in the day Em picked up some shirts for herself and I at Goody’s. Nothing exciting, but shirts have to be replaced sometime.

OMG, I just remembered something else she got. Shorts. Not just any shorts, but UGLY shorts. These things look like they could have been worn to a DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince concert back in the eighties. They are horrible! I promise to get photos and post them, but rest assured that I will NOT be going out in public with her if they are on.


Please understand first that I am not a leftist-liberal. More often than not I disagree with the ACLU and their policies/cases.

Please understand also that I know our country must take its security seriously. In the wake of 9/11 policy and law changes were changed in a large way in a short time.

With those two points cleared, I will now get to the real point of my post – The PATRIOT Act needs to be revisited and rewritten. The original version was written hurriedly after 9/11 to help the government avoid another catastrophe. Good job. The second version of the PATRIOT Act should have been closely studied and re-written, but it was not. Now we have broken legislation that must be examined and re-forged to contain their scope and purpose.

I will link to the ACLU site and their article for your review. The case that they cite is mostly hypothetical, but it shows that the legislation does need its scope reviewed.

Holy craters, Batman!

Well, my post from yesterday was correct. The city did re-pour some concrete on Veteran’s/42nd street. It’s kind of nice to see some maintenance being done around a project.

Now, if we could just get the other two street-wide craters fixed on the 42nd street side, that corner would be back to its wonderful previous glory.

I wonder if there is a planning committee or study in place to get the widening of Veterans and 42nd street. With a planned new high school, new interstate exchange, hospital, and all sorts of new businesses, this area will need at least two lanes in each direction with a turn-lane just like Broadway has currently.

I certainly hope that our city’s leaders are planning ahead and don’t wait until businesses, sidewalks, new power poles, and traffic congestion matters are already present before starting/planning the expansion. The area is still mostly farmland and could easily be modified at the current time by removing the present curbs and pouring an extra lane or two, but I have yet to see a plan or even a hint of planning on this matter.

If this section of town is planned ahead and laid out properly, the city can avoid many of the issues caused by the rapid expansion due to occur. However, I was told by the mayor when I asked back in January that I was “…talking about 7-10 years down the road.” I will stake my $1 that within 5 years there will be enormous traffic issues and poor street design if we don’t start now.